Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reminder: Tonight. Proceeds from “1¢ Infrastructure Surtax”. Projects up for discussion at City Commission.

Earlier report this meeting was cancelled is wrong. Mistake on the City website. THIS MEETING WILL BEGIN AT 6:00 TONIGHT.

Please Note: To watch this meeting Live Streaming, at or after 6:00, use this link for the City’s website and scroll down for the “Live Broadcast Channel”.

If you haven’t see the list as yet, below are the “Proposed Sales Tax Projects” in the City of Lake Worth.


In 2016 the City Commission entered into an Interlocal Agreement with Palm Beach County and the School District of Palm Beach County to support a one-cent infrastructure surtax for capital improvement projects and equipment that were not funded due to recent economic recession and dramatic decrease in assessed property values over the past decade. In November 2016, the one-cent sales tax was approved by 56.63% of the voters of Palm Beach County. As a result, the City will receive approximately $21,675,296 million dollars over a 10-year period to complete various capital improvement projects.

and. . .

As of March 2017, the City began to receive monthly sales tax revenue distributions that are averaging nearly $213,000 for the first four months of distribution (four month total $852,000). Staff has developed a list of projects based on individual meetings with the Mayor and Commission. The projects identified as priorities will be submitted to the Palm Beach County League of Cities Infrastructure Surtax Oversight Committee to ensure that each project meets requirements of the City’s Resolution, PBC’s Sales Tax Ordinance as well as State law.

Proposed Sales Tax Projects:

  • Neighborhood Road Program [additional funding].
  • Parking garage [Downtown?].
  • Lake Worth Beach Complex Master Plan: parking, aquatics, Casino building.
  • Park of Commerce, Boutwell Road.
  • City Hall One Stop Center [customer service center].

Other Potential Projects:

  • Solar Powered School Crossing Signs.
  • Spillway Park Fishing Pier removal [closed for public safety].