Monday, January 21, 2019

It all depends on how lucky you feel.

To the big policy question in South Florida once again this year
(please pick one):

  • “Send The Water South!” from Lake Okeechobee, constructing a new reservoir in Palm Beach County south of the Herbert Hoover Dike at a cost of $1.4B (± using government projections), making assumptions on future drought conditions, and a project that will take up to a decade to complete and in the meantime vulnerable to future hurricane strikes. . .


  • Have the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finish fortifying the Herbert Hoover Dike and the South Florida Water Management District complete projects already in the works — and others in the planning stage — in the Northern Everglades to store more water?

The answer sort of depends on how lucky you feel.

For example, click on this link to read about “Lake Okeechobee, the Herbert Hoover Dike, and Peter Schorsch warned of Godwin’s Law”.

Prior to Hurricane Irma in September 2017 — a major storm which could have breached the dike — back in 2005 was another major hurricane you may have heard about.

“Hurricane Wilma left gaps to
the Herbert Hoover Dike along Lake Okeechobee behind the Pahokee Airport.”

Hurricane Wilma, November 3rd, 2005,
“News in Brief”:

“Big O’s Dike”

“About a half a dozen chunks 40 × 30 feet were cut out every couple of hundred feet.”

How lucky do you feel? Please scroll back up and look at the two choices once again.