Saturday, July 15, 2017

PLEASE NOTE. The Daily Progress Report, “Gulfstream Hotel, Lake Worth, Florida” will now become weekly, every Monday.

The point has been made.

The last Daily Progress Report for Thursday, July 13th, is below.

These reports will now become weekly, however, if a news report suddenly appears about the Gulfstream Hotel with news about “vibrancy” or the historic hotel once again is “undergoing a multi-million dollar face lift”, check back to this blog with a reminder, we’ve all heard this stuff many times before.

Instead of hearing over and over again “what we’re going to do” we need to hear from Hudson Holdings, “what we did”.

For example, the claim by Hudson Holdings they paid to demolish the dilapidated structures on the west of the Gulfstream Hotel property last April is FALSE — the CRA paid for that work ($30,000) — not Hudson Holdings.

Please check back on Monday for the Weekly Progress Report and, as always, Thank You for visiting today.

Daily Progress Report: Thursday, July 13th, 2017.

Below are the Daily Progress Reports for Wednesday, June 28th–Wednesday, July 12th.

A press release from Hudson Holdings’ website datelined April 4th, 3+ months ago:

Hudson Holdings, National Historic Real Estate Property Developer, Commences Historic Gulfstream Hotel Project

Lake Worth, FL — Having obtained approvals from the City of Lake Worth for the preservation and restoration of the iconic Gulfstream Hotel, Hudson Holdings, a national historic preservation real estate development company clears nearby lots to make way for the $70 million. . .

Did Hudson Holdings* clear the “nearby lots” west of the Gulfstream Hotel? No. The Lake Worth CRA paid $30,000 to have that work done.

Below are some renderings provided by Hudson Holdings in February 2016.

Please Note: Although at that time, due to a lawsuit, Hudson Holdings was prevented from constructing a new hotel west of the Gulfstream, there was nothing stopping this “National Historic Real Estate Property Developer” from proceeding with the renovation of the Gulfstream Hotel:

Remember these renderings provided by Hudson Holdings?
View looking southwest from Lake Avenue.
View looking southeast from Lake Avenue, new building in foreground.
Looking southeast down South Lakeside Drive. The parking garage is on the extreme right in the image.

Looking east from the new building’s courtyard with historic Gulfstream Hotel in background to the left.
Looking west from second floor pool deck area to the south from the historic hotel.

How the historic Gulfstream Hotel looks today:

Title of Hudson Holdings’ press release cited above from last April: “National Historic Real Estate Property Developer, Commences Historic Gulfstream Hotel Project”.

Progress Reports:

  • Wednesday, July 12th: “[T]he Gulfstream Hotel is a glimpse into the past . . . undergoing a multi-million dollar face lift.”
  • Tuesday, July 11th: Recall the popular 4-part series in the Coastal/Greenacres Observer (Oct., 2015), “Dog Days and Glory Days”? Six hundred and sixty-four (642) days later not much has changed at the Gulfstream Hotel.
  • Monday, July 10th: This “Daily Progress Report” has information from Senior Reporter Brian Bandell at the South Florida Business Journal.
  • Sunday, July 9th: “Will next year be another Street Painting Festival, one more festival or big event in our City’s Downtown, with the Gulfstream Hotel closed and shuttered?”
  • Saturday, July 8th: “Maybe it’s our Gulfstream Hotel, still an eyesore in our Downtown following all that excitement in January 2016, that stands a constant reminder what historic preservation cannot do. What needs to happen is not happening.”
  • Friday, July 7th: Email from Hudson Holdings dated March 31st, 2017, “More good news from Hudson Holdings. The Gulfstream Hotel is a GO!”, following District Court of Appeals ruling.
  • Thursday, July 6th: “This sidewalk is nearly impassable due to all the unkempt vegetation and weeds.”
  • Wednesday, July 5th: “I do not believe anything Hudson Holdings says,” one resident posted on the Facebook page Lake Worth Local. “Look at how they let the property deteriorate.”
  • Tuesday, July 4th: “Once referred to as the ‘Jewell of Lake Worth’ . . . this elegant property is undergoing a multi-million dollar face lift.”
  • Monday, July 3rd: “A tree growing out of the structure cannot be good for this ‘elegant’ structure. Simple pruning shears would help this ‘multi-million dollar facelift.’ ”
  • Sunday, July 2nd: Special treat, “Preserving Tomorrow”. Watch this video, Hudson Holdings “is a national historic property developer”.
  • Saturday, July 1st: “[T]his elegant property is undergoing a multi-million dollar face lift”, according to Hudson Holdings’ website.
  • Friday, June 30th: “5 Star Luxury - Coming Winter 2015”.
  • Thursday, June 29th: “Grand Reopening of Lake Worth’s Historic Landmark”.
  • Wednesday, June 28th (windows left open all the time and plywood for security of the structure).
*To contact Hudson Holdings, a company specializing in “adaptive reuse of premier historic structures”, use this link or call 561-768-7621. For the Gulfstream Hotel’s Facebook page use this link. Email: