Sunday, July 9, 2017

Daily Progress Report. Gulfstream Hotel, Lake Worth, Florida.

Sunday, July 9th, 2017.

“When we build, let us think that we build forever.”
—John Ruskin, English writer and social thinker, 1819–1900.

“Once referred to as the ‘Jewel of Lake Worth’ and on the National Register of Historic Places, this elegant property is undergoing a multi-million dollar face lift.”
—Quote from Hudson Holdings’ Gulfstream Hotel website, “A glimpse into the past”.

“With its site plan approved for the renovation of the historic [Gulfstream] hotel. . .

. . . Hudson [Holdings] is estimating it’ll begin construction by this fall [sic] on the main building following completion of construction drawings and the finalization of its construction loan, [Steven] Michael said.”
—Quote from the Sun Sentinel by reporter Arlene Satchell, April 14th, 2017.

There really is no Fall season in Florida. However, the official start of Fall in the United States begins with the Fall Equinox on September 22nd this year. Stay tuned. That’s only about 2½ months away.

Pictures taken today.
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Why are there no community and neighborhood updates about progress, if any, to renovate the Gulfstream Hotel?

Using one of the creative tools on my phone:
Will next February be another Street Painting Festival, one more festival or big event in our City’s Downtown, with the Gulfstream Hotel closed and shuttered?

Send your questions to Hudson Holdings, a company specializing in “adaptive reuse of premier historic structures”, using this link or call 561-768-7621. For the Gulfstream Hotel’s Facebook page use this link. Email:

Wouldn’t it be nice to see work being done to renovate the Gulfstream Hotel during the Street Painting Festival next year? 

Stay tuned for another “Progress Report” tomorrow.

Progress Reports, June 28th–July 8th:

  • Saturday, July 8th: “Maybe it’s our Gulfstream Hotel, still an eyesore in our Downtown following all that excitement in January 2016, that stands a constant reminder what historic preservation cannot do. What needs to happen is not happening.”
  • Friday, July 7th: Email from Hudson Holdings dated March 31st, 2017, “More good news from Hudson Holdings. The Gulfstream Hotel is a GO!”, following District Court of Appeals ruling.
  • Thursday, July 6th: “This sidewalk is nearly impassable due to all the unkempt vegetation and weeds.”
  • Wednesday, July 5th: “I do not believe anything Hudson Holdings says,” one resident posted on the Facebook page Lake Worth Local. “Look at how they let the property deteriorate.”
  • Tuesday, July 4th: “Once referred to as the ‘Jewell of Lake Worth’ . . . this elegant property is undergoing a multi-million dollar face lift.”
  • Monday, July 3rd: “A tree growing out of the structure cannot be good for this ‘elegant’ structure. Simple pruning shears would help this ‘multi-million dollar facelift.’ ”
  • Sunday, July 2nd: Special treat, “Preserving Tomorrow”. Watch this video, Hudson Holdings “is a national historic property developer”.
  • Saturday, July 1st: “[T]his elegant property is undergoing a multi-million dollar face lift”, according to Hudson Holdings’ website.
  • Friday, June 30th: “5 Star Luxury - Coming Winter 2015”.
  • Thursday, June 29th: “Grand Reopening of Lake Worth’s Historic Landmark”.
  • Wednesday, June 28th (windows left open all the time and plywood for security of the structure).