Monday, July 24, 2017

Charrette today through Wednesday: Dixie Hwy. Multimodal Corridor Study at the Lake Worth Art Center.

First, it’s great having our former shuffleboard courts in the Downtown being a hub of activity once again: a community meeting place for Central Palm Beach County residents.

The Lake Worth Art Center is located at
1121 Lucerne Ave.

This “Open Studio Charrette” is Monday–Wednesday, 10:00–7:00.
I attended the workshop last Saturday. Below are photos and more information.

There was a constant coming-and-going while
I was there: reviewing ideas and some
proffering their own.

The “Lake Worth Art Center” will soon be renamed officially Hatch 1121. It proved to be an excellent place to gather for an event such as this. Attendees used a sign-in sheet (see sign-in table below) and got to see and review possible makeovers to the most important local transportation corridor through eastern metropolitan Palm Beach County.

Table at the entrance with information
about this study.

As I was pulling into the parking area, Dr. Kim Delaney from the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council exited her vehicle with lunch for everyone. There were enough sandwiches, wraps, and provisions from TooJays to feed a small army.

While greeting and looking at the exhibits I found out a group had already left to go “out in the field”, walking the Dixie Hwy. corridor to familiarize themselves with conditions experienced by pedestrians, bicyclists, and those otherwise not using a motor vehicle of some sort.

Here are more pictures I took of the exhibits and those in attendance:

Mr. Greg Rice, one of our City’s most engaged citizens and Chair of the P&Z Board was there, next to Commissioner Herman Robinson (yellow shirt).

Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell (right) greets a visitor from the City of Lantana.
Meet Lantana Mayor Dave Stewart. 

“Building blocks” used to create different
right-of-way cross-sections.

The same “building blocks” used to show the
existing problematic condition of the
right-of-way on Dixie Hwy.

Remember, your role is to provide ideas. A charrette is the public’s time for input and feedback on planning and design of future projects.