Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lake Worth News: Everybody is scooping The Palm Beach Post. Now it’s the Miami Herald again.

When the Post puts in place a news blackout, for example this recent Lake Worth news, the only ones being censored are their own readers. The few they have left. The news about Mark Foley originally posted on this blog last week was ignored by the Post and the update yesterday was ignored by the Post as well.

In fact, any news at all about the Blueway Trail has been completely ignored by their local beat reporter covering our City for over 1½ years. When there’s news about our City of Lake Worth you can count on the Miami Herald though.

Here’s the news from reporter Jose Lambiet today:

     But government, admits [Mark] Foley, 62, is a hard habit to shake. He was just named to the C-51 Canal Advisory Board, where he’ll represent the city of Lake Worth.
     “Lake Worth politics is where it all started for me,” Foley said of his first steps back into government. “So when a commissioner [Lake Worth Commissioner Herman C. Robinson] asked me to sit on the board, I was more than willing to do it.”

and. . .

     An advisory board gig might sound like small potatoes for a regular at the White House for more than a decade. But Foley doesn’t see it that way.
     “A $250,000 house along a canal with that kind of access to the ocean and the lake [Lake Okeechobee] would double in value immediately,” Foley said. “It’s not unimportant. It’s a major project.”
     Can a return to bigtime politics be that far ahead for Foley?
     “I’m enjoying life right now,” he said.