Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It’s official: Mr. Mark A. Foley, a former City of Lake Worth commissioner, steps up to serve once again.

First, as most of you are aware, there is a news blackout at The Palm Beach Post concerning any news about the Blueway Trail: the local beat reporter has been ignoring this news for over 1½ years. Have you heard a rumor about the Blueway Trail? Use this link to learn how to get the facts.

Stay tuned later on today or tomorrow for my “random notes and observations” about last night’s City Commission meeting. There is a lot of good news and helpful information. To watch this meeting use this link for the video and go to the 11:00 mark. A closed-door session preceded and the Commission meeting started late. City Commissioner Andy Amoroso was out of town and not in attendance.

One “random observation” is this: if you plan on making public comment in the future and make observations concerning the City’s Neighborhood Road Program, showing up in a tattered shirt with no sleeves is not a good idea. A good rule of thumb is, “How would Mr. Chris McVoy, PhD, a former City commissioner dress to address the City Commission?” He would dress appropriately and respectfully, of course.

Now back to Mr. Mark Foley:

Mr. Foley will serve as a volunteer on the C-51 Advisory Committee (CAC). This item passed on the Consent Agenda at last night’s (6/20) City Commission meeting.

Mark Foley was a City of Lake Worth commissioner from 1978–1979 and 1982–1984. Later he served in the Florida House of Representatives from 1990–1992; then the Florida Senate, 1993–1994. He returned to private life in 2006 after serving in the U.S. House of Representatives for 11 years. His most recent accomplishment was saving Spring Training baseball in Palm Beach County.

According to Post reporter Joe Capozzi:

Foley, 61, stepped up when the baseball proposal, originally involving the [Houston] Astros and Toronto Blue Jays, was dying in Palm Beach Gardens. He helped keep it alive by introducing the owner of a new team to a new site [now The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches], a site now in position to host spring training for the next 30 years.

The CAC now has a quorum of 5 members and will let you know when the first meeting is scheduled. These meetings will be videotaped, either by the City or by Yours Truly. The CAC may meet very soon because on Friday, June 30th is the “Project Design and Permit Filing Deadline with State of Florida”.

What can the board do about that? Nothing, of course. The C-51 Canal is outside the jurisdiction of the City of Lake Worth. But a meeting could provide a stage for some drama on the front steps of City Hall — the press will be there for that — count on it.

Stay tuned, as they say.