Sunday, July 23, 2017

‘Sober homes’ tearing apart our City’s neighborhoods: Remember the meeting last September at Scottish Rite? Left thinking nothing would change?

Well, think again. Scroll down for another blog post with this quote, datelined May 18th:

“Stop sending your loved ones to South Florida because we’re sending them back in body bags”.

—Quote by Lake Worth Commissioner Andy Amoroso interviewed by reporter Eric Rasmussen at Boston Fox25/WFXT.

Do you remember that community meeting at the Scottish Rite Temple last year? Were you one of huge crowd in attendance?

For the Sober Homes Task Force use this link. For advice and to report a problem call the Sober Home Tip Line at 844-324-5463.
There was a large community turnout last September to hear Asst. State Attorney Al Johnson. Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell organized this meeting with the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office (additional photos below).

From an article in The Palm Beach Post last November is this quote:

“We get 10 ODs a week, and two or three of them are dying. If this was Al-Qaeda or a group of terrorists attacking America, we’d be all over it. We’d be addressing it and we’d be throwing money at it. We’re not even touching the tip of it.”
Lake Worth City Commissioner Andy Amoroso, a member of the State Attorney’s Sober Home Task Force.

It was at this meeting, if you recall, a former Lake Worth commissioner tried to interrupt the proceedings and make a statement. It didn’t work. Use this link to see that part of the video.

More photographs from the meeting:
Assistant State Attorney Al Johnson addressing the assembled crowd.
Lake Worth Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell. It was Maxwell who invited Al Johnson to speak and answer questions at the Scottish Rite Masonic Hall.
Another former Lake Worth commissioner with his dog. Then-Commissioner Ryan Maier opted not to run for re-election this year.