Friday, April 28, 2017

“What’s in a name: is Delray Beach really the ‘recovery capital?’ ”

Pay attention, Lake Worth, below are excerpts from this news report by Charlie Keegan at NBC5/WPTV:

Attorney Jeffrey Lynne represents some owners of recovery residences. He wanted to create a council within the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce for leaders in that community to collaborate.
     Lynne sent out invitations for Tuesday’s inaugural meeting with the words “make Delray Beach the recovery capital once again.” [emphasis added]

and. . .

     The jargon quickly caught the attention of city hall. Mayor Cary Glickstein said the label takes away from the work the city’s done to clean out bad players in the recovery industry.
     “Those same people would love the city to retain the label of recovery capital of the U.S. as well as their enablers, as well as all the money sloshing around to prop up this industry,” Glickstein said.

and. . .

     “This is not in any way directed to those suffering from addiction,” he clarified. “What our efforts are directed toward are those profiting off that misery.”

In order to solve this problem it’s important to pay attention to what’s happening in other cities as well.
Remember the meeting at the Scottish Rite last September when everyone thought nothing would ever change? A lot has. As evidenced by the recent community meeting with West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio and Lake Worth Commissioner Andy Amoroso. Stay vigilant.

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