Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The heart of Lake Worth: Its community of volunteers and so many of our City nonprofits.

The public meeting room at the Lake Worth Golf Course was filled to capacity last Monday night with many people who work day after day to make Lake Worth a better place to live and to help those most in need in our City.
Likely the First Annual “Showcase of Lake Worth Non-Profits” was a big hit, sponsored by the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association. And special thanks to The Beach Club for accommodating the meeting participants.

Our community has a lot of heart and it was surely on display when 20 City of Lake Worth not-for-profit organizations lined up to share their mission in 5 minutes presentations. We are a community with many diverse populations and some of these organizations have acute needs that require extraordinary levels of cooperation.

I encourage you to watch the videos (see below). You are sure to be struck by how much of a community we are. If you’re not already involved in a volunteer effort offered by one of these organizations, please consider it.

Some non-profits experience unmet financial needs in the face of overwhelming demand for their services, so consider a monetary contribution if you are able. Other non-profits seek to have more people learn about our City’s unique history. Feel good about Lake Worth. We are doing a lot of things right.

There are four videos total. Here is the first one and following this video are the links to watch the other 3 videos:

Use this link for video #2. For video #3 use this link and for the final video click on this link.

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