Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Please spread the word about our City’s Electric Utility and exciting energy news.

The blog post below, “Lake Worth Renewable Energy News: Sun Sentinel reporter scoops Palm Beach Post, all their local, regional, and science reporters as well”, is getting a huge amount of attention from scientists, engineers, policymakers et al., in the fields of renewable energy and energy research.

But locally however, reporters and editors here in Palm Beach County are having difficulty grasping the significance of all this news. Why? Possibly because these are new ideas about the future of energy in the County and outside dogmatic beliefs and expectations, e.g., their reliance and mirth with the performance of FPL, and complacency with natural gas, “While keeping bills among the lowest in the nation”.  

Please share the information below with everyone you think will be interested in this topic, including your friends and family in other areas of this state and country. And, as always, Thank You for visiting today.   

To learn more about this exciting energy news in this little City of Lake Worth, Florida:
  • Contact Ben Kerr, the City’s Communications Specialist at 561-586-1631.
  • Email Mr. Kerr: bkerr@lakeworth.org
  • For our City’s Electric Utility use this link: Contact information and many helpful links as well.
This important energy news from the City of Lake Worth (see below; news by Jan Engoren) first broke on February 16th (as reported on this blog) — was also reported in The Lake Worth Herald as well — about a very high-level meeting at our Casino by numerous elected officials, dignitaries, as well as scientists via conferencing from around the nation and here in Florida.

The Post has shown no interest whatsoever informing the public in Palm Beach County about this news.

The Post has also not informed the public about what is happening along the C-51 Canal either (the Blueway Trail Project) between the cities of Lake Worth and West Palm Beach. For some reason both of these important news stories are being ignored. Why? Draw your own conclusions.

And. . . if that wasn’t interesting enough, also going unreported in the Post: News from the South Florida Water Management District: “Appeals Court Sides with SFWMD in Major Legal Victory”, a press release issued on January 18th, now 84 days ago.

Anyhow. Below are two excerpts from the scoop* in the Sun Sentinel by reporter Jan Engoren, this newly published article titled:

“Lake Worth to channel Gulf Stream energy for power”.

     Gabriel Alsenas, the center’s general manager, said, “We’re excited to partner with the city of Lake Worth to help us establish a grid-connected offshore testing of the Gulf Stream capabilities and for the city to help move the industry forward.”

and. . .

     He said over the next few years the city hopes to attract leaders in the industry, encourage the public to participate and accelerate the process in which to make marine renewable energy a reality.
     City officials say they are proud of the city’s new leadership role in green energy.
     “The city’s electric utility progress over the past five years has been tremendous,” said City Manager Michael Bornstein. “We have gone from a time when the citizens wanted to sell [our Electric Utility] to now having rates equal to FPL’s, and a high reliability rating. We have also figured out how to have 2 megawatts of solar [energy] with plans to expand to 10 on an old closed landfill in the city.”

*Scoop, verb; used with object: “to get the better of (other publications, newscasters, etc.) by obtaining and publishing or broadcasting a news item, report, or story first”.
Center referenced is the “Florida Atlantic University’s Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center (use this link to learn more about this center for energy research).