Sunday, April 23, 2017

Reporter Edward “Ed” Henry at Benny’s on the Beach, “BREAKFAST WITH FRIENDS”. Maybe CNN next week?

Ed Henry “was the moderator of the CNN Inside Politics broadcast when Robert Novak stormed off the set, on August 4, 2005, during a live discussion with James Carville, about Florida Republican Representative Katherine Harris’ just-announced 2006 bid for U.S. Senate. Henry carried on with just Carville for the remainder of the segment.”

Equal time for breakfast? Maybe somebody here in Lake Worth has a contact at CNN? Have a Live report by CNN’s “New Day” from Benny’s on the Beach next Sunday?
About “New Day” at CNN: Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota report the latest news and top stories from 6:00–9:00 a.m. Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul host weekends.

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lee lipton said...

wes, today was not political at bennys ed henry coincidentally i met when he and his wife worked at CNN years a go

ed henry had a book signing on jackie robinson a black baseball plater CNN NPR MSNBC authors are always invited to bennys for book signings and can cover it on any station they please Actually i met chris cuomo when he was 16 and flew to israel with andrew cuomo on a 4 ay trip when he was running for governor I adore chris and andrew cuomo One of my best friends ( who was just at bennys over the holidays) Kenneth Cole is a married to Maria Cuomo Cole Wes if you want to organize any book signing just ask although I would prefer non political to either party Lee Lipton