Friday, April 14, 2017

News from The Great Walled City of Atlantis: On page A6 in The Palm Beach Post today.

This Great Walled City is, “a total area of 1.4 square miles”, and “borders the Lake Worth Drainage (L-14) Canal on the north, Lantana Road to the south, Military Trail to the west and Congress Avenue to the east.”

Notice of Zoning Change” and a “Notice of Comprehensive Development Plan Text Change”:
Use this link for the City of Atlantis’ website.

Below is the City of Atlantis in relation to other cities, a town, and a village here in Central Palm Beach County:

Orientation. Up is north:
Atlantis is the purple-tinted area to the south (bottom of map), located east of the City of Greenacres, west of the City of Lake Worth and the County’s John Prince Park:
The area tinted yellow (top of map, east of Village of Palm Springs) is the small Town of Lake Clarke Shores.

But, of course, the most special city of them all is the little 6-square-mile City of Lake Worth:
The City of Lake Worth, if you didn’t know, has two Zip Codes: 33460 and a small part of 33461. To learn more about the City’s borders in relation to the “Lake Worth Corridor” and unincorporated (or “Suburban Lake Worth”), use this link.