Monday, April 10, 2017

Do you live in a coastal community in Palm Beach County and don’t think Senate Bill 10 is a big deal?

Think again.

From page D6 in the print edition of The Palm Beach Post today:
Mr. Keith Wedgeworth writes (emphasis added):

“At the end of the day, the latest version of SB10 is nothing more than a bill pushed by environmental special interests with one sole purpose — taking valuable farm land out of production, which is why the Central Palm Beach County Chambers Board of Directors put together a resolution opposing the bill.
     Slogans and bumper sticker solutions are great fundraising tools, but do a disservice to the resource. Arbitrarily saying another EAA reservoir will fix problems is harmful to the coastal communities and to our farming community.”

And remember, Lake Worth, how many more bond issues will we need to fix our infrastructure if $2–4B (‘B’ as in “billion”) is used to build a reservoir in Palm Beach County to test a theory that may or may not even work we’ll just have to wait and see — that’s considered environmental science in the 21st Century here in Florida?

If you haven’t contacted your elected officials yet, well, now is the time.