Friday, April 28, 2017

City Commission agenda for next Tuesday, May 2nd, now available online.

And there’s another big meeting next week as well. Read more about that below.

Use this link to download the Commission agenda and look it over. There’s not much that really stands out as a “hot button” issue but only time will tell. Commissioner Amoroso’s appointment of Michelle Sylvester to the ‘C-51 Canal Advisory Board’ is a good sign though. If we’re going to have boards like this in our City it’s good to know there will be people on the board to closely watch and monitor what’s going on.

And we also get a look at what’s likely to happen at the Commission meeting on May 16th; hopefully we’ll get some good news:
Item 5A. Legislative update provided by Representative Berman and Senator Clemons [sic]
When the official agenda becomes available it might be a good idea to spell the name of Lake Worth’s former mayor and current State Senator correctly. Just pointing that out.

The big news about City meetings is the Planning and Zoning Board meeting next Wednesday:

Item G2. PZB Project# 17-01000001 and 17-01400006 requests for a rezoning from Single Family Residential (SFR) to a Residential Planned Development District (RPDD) and a Major Site Plan to allow for the construction of a 53 unit single family subdivision.

This folks is a very big deal. Why? This will be a new community here in our City east of I-95 (see image below). After all that’s been going on in Palm Beach County with western sprawl it’s good to see a new housing community proposed within a coastal city. What will be interesting to see is who lines up in opposition. Stay tuned for more about that.

To look over the agenda and backup material for this project at the Planning and Zoning Board use this link to download and go to page 29:

“The vicinity in which the project site is located is a single family residential community. The applicant is undertaking the redevelopment of the site that will result in a viable single-family development. The type of compact urban development proposed by the applicant is consistent with the Single Family Future Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan. The redeveloped site is expected to serve as a catalyst for investment in Lake Worth.

Click on image to enlarge:
“This project is located at 1728, 1730, 1732 and 1734 19th Ave. North, the subject property is a vacant ± 12.85 acre site consisting of four separate parcels.” The area to the north is called Vernon Heights in the northwest area of the City, east of I-95.