Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Remember that eyesore and public nuisance on Lucerne Ave.? It was demolished nearly 2 years ago, in April of 2015.

In the near future many more vacant and under-utilized lots will become part of our “New Lake Worth” that Mayor Pam Triolo spoke about at her State of the City Address last January.

Do you remember that eyesore that used to be on Lucerne Ave.? Click on image to enlarge:
Back in 2015 our iconic resident Greg Rice worked with the Dept. of Community of Sustainability and the Director, William Waters, to demolish this structure.

The “New Lake Worth” isn’t about forgetting the “Old Lake Worth” as some would have you believe. Here’s another Tom McGow flashback to 2009, “Get Used to It?”:

“While listening to last night’s City Commission meeting from home I was appalled to hear Vice Mayor Golden state, ‘We all have to get used to change. Manny has to get used to living in a ghetto until things pick up around here.’, or words to that effect. She was referring to a resident who spoke earlier in the meeting citing the deterioration of his neighborhood.
     Wait until things pick up around here? What in the world is she thinking?

Here is another McGow flashback, a photo from 2009:

Do you remember this City view? Things are a little different now:

This photo is prior to the addition of new LED streetlights installed throughout the City.