Monday, March 27, 2017

Just in case you missed this yesterday: Once upon a time the future looked so bright. . .

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From the Sunday Post insert: Mr. Greg Rice during our City’s Centennial in 2013 with the shuttered Gulfstream Hotel in background.

Then 3 years later on January 5th, 2016, after all sorts of activity and promising news and an overwhelming turnout from the community in support, the City Commission voted to approve the re-zoning for the property next to the Gulfstream Hotel in Downtown Lake Worth.

So where are we now? Yesterday, March 26th, 2017, The Palm Beach Post published a 12-page “Special” insert titled,

The Quirky Life
Where SMALL delights create BIG personality

Page after page is all about the great and wonderful things that have happened in recent years — and except for a small item on page 9 and small photo on p. 12, there’s no mention of the most significant and recognizable structure in our City’s history — the Gulfstream Hotel.

It still sits vacant. Unused. Some call it an “eyesore”. And today others in our City consider it a reminder of our unrealized potential.

We have a new City Commission after 2 new commissioners were recently elected. In fact, the pictures of the new commissioners haven’t even been added to the City’s website yet.

As people attended the City’s recent and world-famous Street Painting Festival, or another PrideFest being held down the street (unbelievably large crowds march down the street from the center of our Downtown past the Gulfstream in a parade), the historic hotel still sits empty.

It’s not the City of Lake Worth’s fault the public has to endure the unrelenting pain of shuttered doors and windows. It’s long after the time to show progress.

Now get busy and start making some noise — like we did back in 2013* over ‘heights’ — that silliness over adding just 20′, or two stories, the length of a college football goalpost — to one little piece of property in our Downtown next to the Gulfstream Hotel.

*Please Note: Do not go trespassing on the Gulfstream Hotel property and do not enter the building unless you have permission to do so.

Enjoy this video from 2013 just prior to the Street Painting Festival that year. Vote “No!” to save our Gulfstream Hotel!