Friday, March 24, 2017

UPDATE: From the City of Pahokee, a Letter to the Editor in The Palm Beach Post today.

If you would like to just quickly read the Letter to the Editor today scroll down to the end of this blog post. And, as always, Thank You for visiting today.

Last Sunday, March 19th, was surprised the news from Pahokee, expecting to see on page A1, wasn’t. Instead the big news was an open-ended question and a big photo of Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. The news from Pahokee ended up on the front page — just not the “A” section — but in the “B” section instead.

An editor or editors made a very poor decision. The story about Bradshaw should have been in the “B” section and the news from Pahokee should have been front page news in the “A” section. And then it occurred to me we’re getting real close to addressing the “Elephant in the room”. A conversation and public debate that should have started many years ago.

Then put up a blog post later that day titled:
“One thousand people ‘turned out’ in Pahokee: News and photo that did not make the cut for front page today in Palm Beach Post”.
Below are the excerpts from a Letter to the Editor in today’s Post. But first, here is the blog post from last Sunday:

From Post reporter Susan Salisbury: “The auditorium was filled to its capacity of 400, and several hundred people who quietly waited outside were turned away. Police estimated the total number of people who turned out at 1,000.”

Click on image to enlarge:
However, this news from Pahokee in today’s Sunday Palm Beach Post did make it to the front page of the “B” section. The opening paragraph from Salisbury’s article:

“PAHOKEE — In a face-off Friday night at Pahokee High School, hundreds of Glades area residents came out in force to tell Florida Senate President Joe Negron his proposal to build a 60,000-acre reservoir on farmland south of Lake Okeechobee would kill jobs and economically devastate their rural communities.”

Excerpts from Letter to the Editor written by Robert Rease from Belle Glade titled, “Negron still giving short shrift to Glades”: 

I, along with many of my brothers and sisters in the Glades communities, attended the March 17 town hall meeting that state Sens. Joe Negron and Oscar Braynon conducted in Pahokee.
     It was thrilling to see nearly 1,000 of our residents and supporters peacefully attend the community meeting. It was disappointing to hear Negron repeat his talking points than actually listen to us, as we in the Glades are also members of his district.

and. . .

     Negron can now proclaim he came, he saw, and he left. Negron has checked the Glades communities off his list. Our work to protect our communities, our jobs and our lands continue despite the 90 minutes given to us in the seven months it took for Negron to visit.
     We will continue to pray for truth and equality to prevail in his bumper sticker campaign that seeks to upend our way of life. [emphasis added]

Powerful. The “bumper sticker campaign” mentioned above is, “Send the Water South!”.

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