Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Myth vs. Fact: Florida Sunshine Law (two informative videos below).

One of the ways troublemakers try and shake public confidence in City government and elected officials is to plant the seed of wrongdoing, e.g., just suggest a “Sunshine Law” violation, not even an actual allegation. Say things like, “so-and-so was spotted with so-and-so over lunch at such-and-such restaurant”.

There is nothing wrong with elected officials having lunch together. Or talking. Or acting like a regular human being in general. But there are rules for electeds (explained in a video below).

If you ever hear an electeds name mentioned and the Sunshine Law cited, it’s very important to know what the law is and what it’s intended to do — and just as importantly — what the law does not cover and is not intended to do.

Lake Worth City Attorney Glen Torcivia gave an excellent summation of the Sunshine Law. The video below is highly-recommended viewing for anyone interested in learning more about this subject.

Glen J. Torcivia, “Serving Florida clients
for over 25 years”:

The political theater of “Sunshine Law Violation!, or “Wag the Dog” tactics to manipulate the public aren’t new by any means:

A former Lake Worth commissioner prowling
for a Sunshine Law violation:

Sadly however, there remain some in the public left “scratching their heads” when allegations of Sunshine Law violations are alleged and misunderstand or are confused about what is actually happening.

So take the time and watch the video of “The Florida Sunshine Law” above if you haven’t done so already and share it with your neighbors, friends, and family. If you know anyone in the press or news media — share it with them too — just as a refresher.

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