Saturday, March 18, 2017

Baked Ziti and the Sunshine Law! Bon apetit or bon un plat servi froid?

This Blast From the Past was titled, “Mayor Pam Triolo’s public response to false accusations by Commissioner Chris McVoy”. Enjoy!

Below are excerpts from The Lake Worth Herald editorial and a video as well. The video is of Mayor Pam Triolo’s comments on McVoy’s unethical, unprofessional behavior. For two election cycles now (March 2015 and March 2016) he’s made unsubstantiated, baseless claims about Sunshine Law violations. His targets in the most recent elections were the mayor, Vice Mayor Maxwell, and Commissioner Amoroso.

The video is short, only 2:45. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors and ask yourself this question, “Does McVoy deserve my vote on March 14th, 2017?”

From the Herald editorial, some excerpts:

“Mayor Pam Triolo just wanted to make it known there was public record relating to the pre-commission meeting meals that McVoy, about a year ago, accused three commissioners of violating the Sunshine Law by eating together before a meeting. Triolo emphatically stated there was no City business discussed. Triolo also implied, and the public record bears it out that McVoy purchased dinner for those pre-meeting meals and participated. Chinese food it was.
     Each commissioner gave their reports and statements and moved on to the next without bandying back and forth in debate. After the Mayor gave her report and statements in an effort to set the record straight and clear up an untruth made by McVoy during political battle, McVoy demanded to be allowed to discuss her statement. The Mayor rightfully moved on with the agenda. Seems McVoy doesn’t like being exposed for being less than honest with the public, or only wants his slant to be heard and accepted.
     Well, it is time, and the voters said so, for Lake Worth to do business in a productive and open way, without roadblocks from those who want no improvement in the City. Anarchy has worn it’s welcome out in Lake Worth and the voters have begun to see through the slight of truths used in their accusations. Their practice of shout it out and then correct it quietly if necessary has become mundane. They figure once it’s heard, it can’t be unheard, even if it is untrue or incorrect and it is the way they push their agenda.”

[and. . .]

     “Mayor Triolo is justified in not allowing McVoy to respond to her comments, which were backed by public record and give him an opportunity to espouse untruths about it any further. Triolo needs to concentrate on keeping the business of the city moving forward and not give credence to choreographed opposition that only intends to stall any forward movement the City can make.

[and. . .]

“Elections determine who works for ALL the people, not just the ones who show up and yell senselessly.”