Friday, March 9, 2018

Kathie Lee Gifford coming to the City of Lake Worth. News in yesterday’s print edition of The Palm Beach Post.

From the very same beat reporter at The Palm Beach Post who covers the women’s shoes and sneaker beat in the City of Lake Worth, Post reporter Kevin Thompson also features all the latest, breaking news and updates about the exciting and vibrant business scene in the City, e.g., the latest endeavors of Artsy Fartsy Décor & More (see latest news below).

Although the municipal elections are next Tuesday — and whomever gets elected will now serve a three (3) year term instead of two years — the future of our City didn’t make it into yesterday’s print edition. And the errors and omissions in last Tuesday’s paper have still not been corrected either.

Maybe that will happen in next Monday’s Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE).
However, in the paper yesterday on page B3 ‘Local’, above the fold, is this breaking news about the world-famous Kathie Lee Gifford:

Kathie Lee Gifford, the three-time Emmy-winning co-host of the fourth hour of “Today,” will be at Book Cellar on Lake Avenue on Friday [TODAY] from 6 to 7:30 p.m. as part of a “Happy Hour Mingle” to promote her latest book, “The Rock, the Road and the Rabbi.”

Tickets cost $40; what is usually charged for a similar event on Worth Ave. in the Town of Palm Beach. For more information click on this link for the Book Cellar’s website.

If you plan on going to the Book Cellar to see Kathie Lee Gifford and her new book today, please consider this suggestion:

Make a whole event out of it
& visit Artsy Fartsy too!

Get to Downtown Lake Worth early in the afternoon about 3:30 and go visit Artsy Fartsy Décor & More. Artsy Fartsy, or as they say in the art and furniture industry, ”Art Re-imagined” is located at 506 Lucerne Ave. here in the City. But just don’t take too long. Before long Artsy Fartsy will be packing up and leaving town for good.

Why? Artsy Fartsy’s planned move to Clematis St. in West Palm Beach ahead of SunFest didn’t pan out because the rents are much too high so he had to come back to our vibrant and affordable City and come up with another plan. So grab $5 or $8 and head on over to Artsy Fartsy this afternoon!

After your visit to Artsy Fartsy take a stroll through the Cultural Plaza to Lake Ave. and visit one of the City’s iconic restaurants or visit the City’s newsstand located at 601 Lake Ave. to pick up The Lake Worth Herald or scroll through The Cottages of Lake Worth hardcover book, then head on over to the Book Cellar bookstore and afterwards return to the Cultural Plaza for Evening on the Avenues that ends at 10:00!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane: Happier times at Artsy Fartsy Décor & More.

Below is an interview from early in 2017 with Mr. Brian Schlitz published in a Lake Worth CRA newsletter titled, “Business Highlight: Artsy Fartsy Décor & More”. Mr. Schlitz said,
“Lake Worth’s top business assets are the public officials in place”.

Last year Mr. Schlitz invited me to come visit and take a seat on “The Big Chair”. So I hopped on down to our vibrant and charming Downtown and met and talked with Brian for a bit and then he asked me to take a seat in the big, REALLY BIG, red Adirondack chair in front of his store. To say I was honored is an understatement.

To put the chair in perspective, my shoes are
size 13 and Yours Truly is 6′5″:
Meet Wes! This photo reminds me of the character Edith Ann, played by Lily Tomlin on Laugh-In
in t
he 1960s.

Here are excerpts from the interview with Mr. Schlitz:

Tell us about yourself?
I was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. I came from a large family; my brothers, sister and I longed for a warmer climate and Florida was the answer. After originally making Boca Raton home, I stumbled upon this one of a kind, close knit and charming town of Lake Worth.
What made you choose Lake Worth?
Lake Worth is a very artsy, charming town and the perfect place for a specialized, fun décor store. The locals and tourists, alike, love our pieces and feel right at home.
What do you like best about having your business within the City of Lake Worth?
Lake Worth’s top business assets are the public officials in place, the downtown (two downtown streets running east/west which allows for double the amount of walkability and opportunity).

Thank you Artsy Fartsy for choosing our little City of Lake Worth. Everyone wishes you the best of luck setting up shop in your next beach town!