Sunday, March 12, 2017

Making plans for next Tuesday, Election Day? A visit to “Artsy Fartsy” is a good idea but make sure to go and vote first.

On the very day of the Playhouse Debate in Downtown Lake Worth the “big news” that day was about Mr. Schlitz and Artsy Fartsy Decor & More”. Really though, a quite colorful new addition to our wonderfully “quirky” little City.

There may be news on Monday in the Post’s Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE) about the elections next Tuesday, or maybe there won’t be.

The little City of Lake Worth is special but cities like Delray Beach aren’t special any more. WPB, our neighbor to the north, is very special too (every Saturday). We have “Artsy Fartsy”. They don’t.

But one thing is for certain in Monday’s LWVVSMCPE, if you’re one of those few who don’t know how to save phone numbers in your phone, and you desperately need to reach the Parks Department every single Monday, rest assured, that phone number is published each and every week. Have a question about recycling pizza boxes accumulated over the weekend? The phone number for recycling is also published in the Post. Each and every week in the LWVVSMCPE. Every single Monday for people who still don’t know what the Internet is.

But seriously. . .

Please. Don’t wait until Tuesday morning to find out where you vote. Look in the right-hand column for the voting precinct map or use this link to find out where your voting location is. If there is a problem when you go to vote, do not get upset or frustrated and leave. The poll workers are there to help.

If anyone tries to intimidate or harass you, like a person or group outside the polling location, report it immediately to the person in charge at that location from the Supervisor of Elections office.

If any poll worker tells you something like, “you don’t vote at this location”, don’t leave until you get instructions on where to go and how to get there. And most importantly, write down that persons name who gave you that information and other pertinent details such as someone nearby who can corroborate what you were told.

We don’t need a repeat of August 2014. If all the complaints from that election were detailed, corroborated, and then properly reviewed who knows what would have happened. That bond vote to fix our roads in 2014 failed by just 25 votes. Just a few votes swinging the other way and many of our roads and potholes would be fixed by now.

Hope to see a big turnout next Tuesday. And remember, there’s nothing “Artsy Fartsy” about that.