Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to watch tonight’s Commission meeting Live Streaming and. . . about that 2 minute limit at public comment too.

To watch this meeting Live Streaming:
  • At 6:00 click on this link.
  • Look in the top right-hand column for City Commission Meetings.
  • Then click on Video of Public Meetings.
  • No video? Wait a few minutes and try again. Sometimes meetings start a little late or too many are trying to log on at the same time. Be patient.
Now about that 2-minute limit at public comment (already read this? Thank You for visiting and please scroll down):

The two (2) minute limit is a holdover from a previous City administration, pushed forward by former Commissioner Cara Jennings, if I recall correctly. The limit was three minutes and then reduced to two.

At a recent Commission meeting, resident Peggy Fisher* brought the topic of a 2-minute up (of course, at public comment) when she came to City Hall to speak about the Wawa situation at 10th Ave. North and ‘A’ Street. She didn’t have enough time and suggested a 3-minute limit might be something to consider in the future.

What do you think? Why not show up at the Commission meeting and take 2 minutes to explain why the time limit should be 3 minutes? Keep it at two minutes? Or don’t care and have something more important on your mind?

You know, things are a lot different now. For example, ever since the cameras were installed by City Manager Michael Bornstein back in 2012, many of those like Weetha Peebull, for example, don’t show up any more. Something to think about. Hopefully we’ll hear this discussion in the near future.

For excellent examples how to give public comment at the City Commission, please watch the video below (to subscribe to my Lake Worth YouTube channel use this link and then click on the red “Subscribe” icon):To learn how not to behave at the City Commission, here’s a very good example: *Peggy Fisher, if you recall, is the citizen-reporter who pressed Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, on his unpaid campaign fines, first reported in The Lake Worth Herald. She is also the reporter who took CAUT PAC Chair Katie McGiveron to task; Fisher’s work played a major role, think most people would agree, in the overwhelming passage of the November 8th bond referendum last year.