Tuesday, January 24, 2017

City Commission meeting agenda for tonight, begins at 6:00

INSTRUCTIONS. How to watch this meeting Live Streaming:
  • At 6:00 click on this link, then
  • Look for “Video of Public Meetings” in right-hand column.
  • Click on that link and video feed will begin.
  • No video? Wait a few minutes and try again. Sometimes meetings begin a few minutes late.
The blog post from last week follows:

To view the agenda for yourself use this link. Here is the item that got my attention right away, Item 9 on the Consent Agenda pertaining the City’s Casino:
G. Extension of Tolling Agreement with REG Architects, Inc., and The Morganti Group, Inc.
For a short background on this use this link. A “tolling agreement” is basically a delay all parties agree to. Simply what it does is make certain the statute of limitations is not passed for the City to seek legal redress to fix long-standing problems, e.g., water leakage on the second floor. But it should be noted this is the fourth tolling agreement. That’s right. #4.

A few other things to take note of next Tuesday:
  • It’s Commissioner McVoy’s choice of an Invocation or Moment of Silence. What will he do? Invite the Atheist Preston Smith back for an encore? Choose a Wiccan? Maybe someone from the Interfaith Network?
  • Item 5A: “Accept a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association.”
  • And, of course, there’s always Public Comment. Remember, the time limit is 2 minutes. Please be respectful of the mayor and mind your manners. For an example how to give public comment use this link, a very good example indeed.