Monday, December 26, 2016

A Lake Worth commissioner gets a lecture from the City’s Electric Utility Director

Stay tuned, videos to come soon. . .

Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, at the City Commission meeting on December 13th said, “I did a bunch of research on this”. So. . .
  • Is the City of Lake Worth’s electric distribution system “like a military base”? No.
  • Is “salt spray arching” an issue that can’t be solved using 26.4 kV? Not true.
  • Does the City’s union contract have rules against working on 26.4 kV? Completely false.
Be very careful of elected officials who act real smart talking about things they know too little about. And stay tuned for some videos from this Commission meeting, more about this very important topic.

To read the backup material for yourself use this link and go to pages 885–894 near the end of the Commission agenda.

This master class given by Electric Utility Dir. Jack Borsch was on Agenda Item 13.D.5 - Dist. Voltage Upgrade Project, “The City of Lake Worth Electric Distribution System Upgrade from 4.16kV to 26.4kV”:

The Item provides for staff to perform a distribution voltage conversion from 4.16kV to 26.4kV and additional necessary upgrades required for system reliability, efficiency and ability to meet present and future demand loads.

Commissioner McVoy, who always has to remind everyone he has a PhD (it’s easy to forget), needs to learn more about “salt spray”, 26.4kV vs. 4.16kV, electric reliability, and many other subjects. This was also another example of his monkeywrenching in Lake Worth and why District 2 needs a new face on the City Commission:

How to monkeywrench a City meeting: Long anecdotes, talk “at great length”, “re-open the question” and then. . . “raise the question” again. Are you getting tired of all this?