Sunday, December 31, 2017

A New Year’s message heading into 2017: An excerpt from a Letter to the Editor. . .

. . . that sums things up quite nicely heading into another New Year, 2018:

     I support freedom of religion and of speech, and if this were another time of year, with some exceptions, like Easter and Yom Kippur, I wouldn’t care at all about the pentagram. But to place it now is simply unkind.
     The man might think he’s making a statement about others’ tolerance, but he might think a little more about his own. Thumbing your nose at Christians is not a social statement. It’s a personal one, and it’s just ugly. [emphasis added]


The Insulting Atheist never did come back. But he still has a few supporters here in this little City
of Lake Worth. So. In the spirit of this day, a
message to all those malcontents and trouble-
makers and to Mr. Smith as well:

Everyone in L-Dub wishes you a
Happy New Year in 2018!