Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A message from Cpt. Baer, Lake Worth’s District 14 PBSO*

“I am pleased to tell you that the five positions the city elected to return to the PBSO contract are filled and assisting greatly with our law enforcement mission. Three of them, along with the previous downtown allocation, have formed our new Entertainment District Unit.
     These four deputies provide dedicated patrol to the downtown, Lake Worth Beach, Bryant Park and Snook Islands. Their goal is to make these areas safe, enjoyable and improve the quality of life for citizens, visitors and business owners.
     The other two positions were added to the two night shift squads. These positions are assisting with the high call volume. This allows the night shift patrol deputies more time to address quality of life issues and provide self-initiated activity in your neighborhoods. I want to say thank you to the elected officials and city staff for bringing these much needed positions back to Lake Worth.

Yours in Service, Captain Todd Baer

District Commander, District 14, City of Lake Worth

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office”

*Quote from the City’s newsletter, December 2016 issue.