Friday, December 16, 2016

A look back to 2011. Wonder if this group is still looking to replace that truck battery?

Been to Palm Beach Gardens lately? After the “battery in the lake” fiasco in 2014 things went downhill fast trying to ‘save’ the Briger Tract, or Briger Forest if you will. Here is a look back to when “Defend this Forest” was at its peak: Embedded in the video:
The fight to save the Briger Forest in South Florida is ongoing! We are in the midst of making a documentary about saving this 682 acre forest, and this is the first release for the documentary. [Scheduled for a 2015 release in North Korean theaters?]

A 682 acre endangered and threatened species habitat, the Briger forest is the largest unprotected wild space in the eastern corridor of 95 as far south as Miami. We have put our sweat, blood and tears into protecting this forest from the biotech research company Scripps and developers that want to turn it into a Biotech city, with strip malls, housing, and vivisection labs.

Join our campaign today to fight to save the Briger Forest!

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DC Power Catcher Amongst the Hydrilla said...

Holy Dogf%@k!!!
What happened to the Energizer Bunny?
Oh,..I forgot! That ended-up on a plate after the handcuff incident?
Or maybe...just maybe,...the Energizer Bunny suddenly became aquatic, and is still beating it's drum under the fine, algae blooming waters of Palm Beach County. The Bunny must monitor all of those IPads that have been thrown into the lakes...