Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sister City Board meets tomorrow at 5:30. Could this be two quorums in a row?

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 12th, at 5:30 in the conference room at City Hall. Use this link for the agenda.

Have you thought of volunteering some time for the City? Volunteers are vitally important to keep Lake Worth functioning. From the City’s website:

“The City of Lake Worth has a number of advisory boards which provide assistance to the City Commission. Most meet once a month and only require a few hours of a volunteer’s time. All members are selected by the Mayor and City Commission. Board meetings are open to the public. Interested in serving? Click here to learn more.”

There was an actual Sister City Board meeting held on Monday, November 14th. We’ll learn much more about what happened at this meeting tomorrow, the next scheduled City Commission meeting. Everyone will be relieved, I’m sure.

This particular board was a topic of discussion at the City Commission in October. The board had been unable to reach a quorum so it was decided to reduce the number of board members from 7 to 5. Now only three members will need to be present for the meeting to proceed.

Learn more about our Sister Cities Lappeenranta, Finland and Saint-Marc, Haiti.

If you remember back, everyone got excited last July when we received news the board had finally reached a quorum after 3 months. That was false. Actually two more people were removed from the board for non-attendance, something Commissioner Maier knows a thing or two about, since he was also booted off for not attending meetings.
Commissioner Maier is the City’s liaison to the Sister City Board. Its true. For more backup on this letter use this link.

Keep the faith Lappeenranta and Saint-Marc! Things are moving in the right direction.