Monday, February 9, 2015

Why Ryan Maier was removed from a Lake Worth City board

Ryan Maier, a candidate challenging Lake Worth City Commissioner John Szerdi, states on his campaign website that he...
"[W]as a member of the Sister City board in Lake Worth.

'I have the energy, enthusiasm and experience needed to represent our multi-faceted city.' "
During Mr. Maier's introduction at the Genesis candidate forum on 1/26/15, he mentions his time on the Sister City Board as evidence of his city involvement. His enthusiasm for being in that position apparently was low: he was removed from the board due to lack of attendance and not participating in mandatory ethics training. (Why would Mr. Maier refuse to take his mandatory ethics training? It only takes 20 minutes.) 

At the end of this post is a link to a video of Mr. Maier where he states, at the 1:20 mark, that his "service" on that city board prepared him to be a city commissioner.

Here, from the Lake Worth City Clerk:
Mr. Maier was removed from the Sister City Board for not participating in the mandatory ethics training and his membership was declared vacant due to excessive absenteeism on March 19, 2012.
From the Minutes of the City of Lake Worth Special Meeting (City Commission) on 8/29/2012, page 2 at the top of the page:
Note the line, "Ryan Maier was absent for his interview."

I videotaped the candidates at the Genesis forum on 1/26/15. Here are the videos of Ryan Maier and Craig Frost. Read my thoughts and watch the videos here