Friday, August 26, 2016

VIDEOS—Watch for yourself what happened: Lake Worth's 'Pothole' Workshop, yesterday, Thursday, 8/25*

The reason I take these videos of Lake Worth City meetings (2 videos below) is for the public to see for themselves what happened, what was said, etc. For example, instead of a reporter's account (or "spin") about what occurred, you can bypass all that by going to the source: the actual video sans any commentary or opinion.

If you're short on time check back later and will highlight important parts of the meeting with minute marks. This was a Commission Workshop so there was no public comment. However, the Post's beat reporter wrote this:
Public comment was not allowed. The meeting lasted 35 minutes.
If you get the idea the public was denied the right to speak that's very misleading. This was a Commission Workshop. Not a "Regular" City Commission meeting. And this is also misleading:
     “We’re asking the public to shell out money for 30 years on roads that will start declining in 15 years,” he [Commissioner McVoy] said. “Does the public have confidence that their money will be well spent?”
     Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell noted how if the asphalt is maintained, the roads should be fine for longer than 15 years.
The reporter writes, "should be fine"? Nonsense.

Responding to Vice Mayor Maxwell's questions, the City's expert tasked with evaluating the roads clearly explained how a road, if properly maintained, can last for 30 years or more. You can listen to that yourself in the videos below.

And just wait until you hear Jamie Brown, the City's Director of Public Services, explain how past City Commissions, starting in 2008 up until 2012, some years flush with cash, ignored all the potholes. Ergo why we're in the situation we're in right now.

Without further ado the videos and, as always, Thank You for visiting my blog: *To receive updates when new videos are available use this link to my YouTube channel and then click on the red "Subscribe" button.