Wednesday, September 7, 2016

[UPDATE] Palm Beach Post debunked: "Lake Worth Bans Balloons"? No.

Check out my YouTube channel over the next few days for videos from the City Commission meeting last night (9/6). A lot of very good news. Use this link and click the red "Subscribe" button to get an email when new videos are uploaded.

Reason prevailed. The "balloon ordinance" and "balloon police" are no more. Now it's just going to be reworked by staff as policy when a City facility is rented and the focus will be on education. The penalty for releasing balloons, after the City spends hundred's of dollars proving the misdeed, will be keeping the $150 or so from the rental deposit. And, mind you, there is already a state law with penalties for releasing balloons.

But. . . because of false information in the Post the public all over Palm Beach County was left scratching their heads wondering why Lake Worth, a City with so many pressing issues to address (potholes come to mind), is spending so much time and effort to ban balloons. Here is part of an eye-catching headline in the Post print edition on August 18th, page B1 above the fold:
The Lake Worth Herald published an accurate article about what happened at the Commission meeting on August 16th. Use this link to see excerpts from the Herald article.
In the Herald: The Loggerhead Marine Center "offers three levels for municipality participation." Was this reported in the Post? No.

That's why I take these videos of Lake Worth City Commission meetings. Were you curious why the City hired a media specialist? Now you can understand why.