Sunday, August 14, 2016

Latest news from The Cottages of Lake Worth: "We're moving closer to print every day."

It's true. You can still pre-order the The Cottages book and save $5 (details below). Confirmed that information yesterday. This hardcover book would make for a wonderful Christmas gift. On the heels of news about our Gulfstream Hotel redevelopment moving forward the history of Lake Worth, a long one, will be getting much more attention far and wide.

As much as this book celebrates the present, it's also a tribute to the pioneers who settled here over one hundred years ago and had a vision: A City platted with tidy square blocks with little houses up and down the street each with their own unique personality: 
The Lake Worth pioneers, 1919. Photo from the State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory collection.
To learn more about the hardcover book The Cottages of Lake Worth use this link. And read about The Cottages presentation and overwhelming turnout (nearly 200 officials and guests) at the recent PBC League of Cities meeting in Lake Worth.
"We're moving closer to print every day. Recently we asked for a "dummy book" to be sure that the dust jacket fits our book perfectly.* It does! One more step closer to the presses. You can still reserve your copy to get the pre-launch $5 discount. Click "shop now" on our Facebook page to order. If you want to send a check, email us at for details."

*Publishing definition of the term dummy book: "Sample of a book usually bound with the title page and a few pages of text, and occasionally a representative illustration, with the rest of the pages blank, created in order to demonstrate what the finished book would look like."