Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Excerpts from Palm Beach Post editorial following defeat of LW2020 Bond vote in August 2014

Prior to the 2014 bond vote the editorial  board wrote these words and then afterwards wrote this. . .
     "The defeat is a hard blow for the city, where some residents live on unpaved streets and potholes inundate the roads just blocks from the city’s popular downtown strip. The proposal for a bond referendum was Lake Worth’s best chance to begin pulling itself out of a decades-long quagmire. Instead, a divided city has endorsed the status quo.
     The status quo, however, is unacceptable. In this city of 36,000, the second-poorest in Palm Beach County, residents have long suffered a city government that squandered money when it had it, and now lacks the financial wherewithal to make up for years of neglect."

[and. . .]

     "But absent borrowing money to undertake these much-needed projects, it’s hard to see how the city can make the investments needed to prosper. The roads will not fix themselves, and every year they get worse. State and federal grant money could offset some of the costs, but those dollars are more likely to come if the city already has a viable plan in place.
     Lake Worth’s tiny road-repair budget today amounts to a few hundred thousand dollars. This is barely enough to fill potholes when they emerge. It is certainly not enough to undertake serious infrastructure repairs. Done piecemeal, it will take the city decades to repair itself." 

There is an elected official who was crucial in defeating the 2014 bond and the same person leads the opposition to the bond vote this coming November: Commissioner Chris McVoy.

Question: Then why is McVoy getting a pass from the Post when other elected leaders like Commissioner Amoroso, who fought hard to pass the bond, get treated unfairly in recent press coverage? Just something to think about.