Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12th: The Post officially signals their start of the political campaign season in the little City of Lake Worth

“If you’re looking at ($54,000) versus $65 million of infrastructure, ($54,000) is just a drop in the bucket,” [Comm. Andy] Amoroso said at last year’s commission meeting.
—From Post beat reporter Kevin Thompson's article about the City's hiring of a media specialist in the July 12th print edition (use this link for online edition).

Where to start? Remember the 'Curfew' in Lake Worth that wasn't a curfew? Well, now there's more to talk about at tomorrow's panel discussion on "The Future of Newspapers" being sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches.

A comment left on the Post website about the article sums it up nicely sans (without) the spin:

"The salaries in South Florida are very depressed from the rest of the country for top PR and Public Affairs Specialists. Ms. Tingo appears to be a highly qualified and experienced professional. The City, it appears, is fortunate to have someone with her excellent skill set for this salary level. Senior public affairs officers generally start at $80k/year.
Congratulations are in order for both Tingo who is passionate for her work and the City for getting someone as adept as Ms. Tingo for a bargain salary because she loves her city and career."

As of today (July 12th) the Post has indicated their official start of the political campaign season and Commissioner McVoy (who is almost always unavailable being in the Everglades so much of the time) is on speed dial apparently and Commissioner Amoroso is not. Let's examine the quote above; the quote used is:
  • From last year! Why not get a current germane quote from Amoroso?
  • Why add Laura Tingo's salary in the quote, "($54,000)" TWICE, when it was reported in a previous paragraphs?
  • Tingo's salary is reported FOUR TIMES in the article. Isn't once enough?
  • And. . . Why link Amoroso's quote to the $65 million bond vote in 2014?
  • Is the reworked quote trying to suggest to readers that Amoroso thinks "$54,000" is inconsequential?
  • And. . . Is this journalism?
The reality is Thompson is making a very strong case for the City needing a Communications Specialist.

Stay tuned: This feels like a leadup to another Post editorial. Remember the last one? Since we're on the subject. . . a reminder:
From a Post editorial leading up to the "LW2020" bond vote that failed in 2014. By just 25 votes. Remember, Commissioner McVoy was a member of one of those "previous commissions".