Monday, July 11, 2016

What's the tally so far for false TV new reports of crime/incidents "in Lake Worth" that weren't in Lake Worth?

First, a little background: Prior to April 6th would highlight each individual false news report I found including ones that my blog readers sent to me. As you can imagine, this effort became quite tedious due to the high number of them: murders, rapes, fires, carjackings, robberies, drownings, car chases, all reported by the media occurring "in Lake Worth" that actually happened outside the City limits, sometimes even near the edge of the Everglades.

I came up with an idea. Why not just create a list? So that's what I did: Use this link to see it.

You're asking yourself, "Why is this important?" The answer is simple: Nothing hurts a City's image more than crime news and lumping our City in with all those western communities in the County, beyond being inaccurate, is just plain unfair. That leads to the next question: "What's the media doing wrong?" That answer is simple too: Reporters are not fact-checking, editors are not doing their job, and all of them don't understand how zip codes work. Learn about that using this link.

Trying to find each and every false news report is not possible, however, below is the tally thus far from the list. Note that from April 30th to May 28th was either an anomaly or the media just happened to be doing their jobs right during that stretch of time. Without further ado, drum roll please, false news reports by the numbers:
  • CBS12/WPEC: 10
  • ABC25/WPBF: 7
  • NBC5/WPTV: 4
The reporters, by name and media outlet, that appear on the false news report:
  • Gary Detman, CBS12, 3
  • Sierra Darville, CBS12, 2
  • Monica Magalhaes, NBC5, 2
  • Ari Hait, ABC25, 1
  • Austin Carter, NBC5, 1
  • Victoria Price, CBS12, 1
  • Chennel Ramos, ABC25, 1
  • Lynda Figueredo, CBS12, 1
  • Whitney Burbank, ABC25, 1
  • Jillian Brynne, CBS12, 1
To keep updated on the list and see the latest false news reports look in the right-hand column of this blog for False media reports of crime/incidents 'in Lake Worth' continue or look for this image:
Another thing that confuses the media is unincorporated areas in the County, one of which is called the "Lake Worth corridor". Do you remember that plane crash last year? 
One of the first reporters on the scene, and the only one to get the actual location correct, was NBC5/WPTV's Charlie Keegan. Even The Palm Beach Post got the location wrong.