Saturday, November 26, 2016

Read more about the plane crash in Lake Worth that wasn’t in Lake Worth

Over a year later and The Palm Beach Post still can’t get it right. Did you see the front page today (11/26)? This blog post is from October 16th of last year:
This plane crash did not happen in Lake Worth. It occurred in suburban Lake Worth. Well outside the City.

The Palm Beach Post, the areas paper of record, made a significant error in their headline above the fold today (10/16/2015). That terrible tragedy, the recent plane crash occurred in suburban Lake Worth, not in “Lake Worth”. As you can see in the image below the crash location is within walking distance of Palm Springs.

Coming soon on this blog is an explanation of what the Lake Worth Corridor is. A reader of my blog believes this is the main reason there is so much confusion in both the public and the press vis-à-vis municipal borders and unincorporated Palm Beach County.

For a more detailed explanation of how badly the media bungled the location of this plane crash in suburban Lake Worth use this link.