Monday, December 19, 2016

PBSO Cpt. Baer’s update to the City Commission and a look back: “What’s with that neighborhood west of I-95 ‘with so much crime’?”

Use this link to see the update (in PDF) from PBSO District 14 given to the Commission on December 13th. For the video please scroll down. For the latest on the 10:00 p.m. ordinance banning packaged alcohol sales? Use this link.

At a PBSO update given to the City Commission earlier this year by District 14’s Cpt. Baer there were many interesting items discussed. For example, below are the calls for service in the preceding 6 months prior to the update (click on images to enlarge):

Northern area of the City. Most of the calls for service were in the downtown (note: this is prior to 5 deputies being added to patrols). District 2 is west of Dixie Hwy. and District 3 to the east.
Southern City area. District 1 is west of Dixie Hwy. and District 4 to the east. Note the considerable amount of calls for service in District 4.

What was most surprising was the low number of calls for service in District 1 west of I-95 and south of 6th Ave.

We’ve been regaled over and over ad nauseam about the high amount of crime in that area by members of the ROLO neighborhood and The Obtuse Blogger (TOB) but there were only 68 calls for service in that 6 month period of time? Hello.

That averaged about 11 per month or 1.5 per week. So either they’re exaggerating about crime in that neighborhood (which wouldn’t surprise anyone) or they’re not “Making the Call Y’All” (see below). Either way, be very skeptical of anecdotal reports about crime west of I-95 not supported by the data.

The video below is Capt. Baer’s presentation from last December 13th. You can’t see the slides but it’s interesting to hear his comments:
And, as always:
For more about the City’s PBSO District 14 look in the right-hand column for this image. To leave tips anonymously call CrimeStoppers at 800-458-8477.