Friday, December 23, 2016

From Butch Ward: “Want your newsroom to collaborate? Help veterans and beginners learn from each other”

Here is the link to the entire article and an excerpt:

     Editors frequently ask me the secret to managing millennials.
     After all, they say, they act entitled, quit on a moment’s notice and seem more concerned with how much vacation they get than whether they should work some extra hours.
     Of course, editors also ask me how to manage veterans who, they say, are resisting the need to learn the skills everyone needs in a digital newsroom. 

[and. . .]

     Fact is, people of all ages and experiences populate newsrooms (as they always have), and they bring a variety of talents, motivations and ambitions to their jobs. Asking how to manage discrete groups of people is the wrong question.
     Instead, here’s the question I think editors should be asking:
     How can I best manage an entire staff of individuals — some young and inexperienced, others seasoned by work and life — and help them discover how to learn from each other, work with each other?

Just trying to help.