Thursday, May 5, 2016

Whilst our City's environmentalists whistle and celebrate over their delay tactics in this little slice of paradise called Lake Worth. . .

UPDATE: The videos from the City Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 3rd, are now available on YouTube. The video on the Siemens presentation is below. Why is that? Continue reading:

Guess what's happening west of the City on Lake Worth Road? If you didn't know, Lake Worth has 2 of the "19 Best Environmentalists in South Florida". The news about another massive housing development made the print edition of The Palm Beach Post on May 4th, page B6 above the fold, which is also available online. Here is an excerpt:

     "In a sale that could spur construction of modestly priced houses in central Palm Beach County, Pulte Homes paid $49 million for nearly 160 acres at Lake Worth Road and Florida’s Turnpike.
     The land deal includes the 60-year-old Gulfstream Polo Club and several neighboring horse farms, said Brad Scherer of Atlantic Western Realty Corp., who brokered the transaction. Pulte has a contract to buy an additional 70 acres from adjacent property owners, Scherer said."

And meanwhile some of the enviros right here in the City are complaining that the new Siemens street lighting is seeping through their blinds at night and if it's possible to adjust the new lights 5° one way or another. Below is the video on the Siemens lighting project and watch one of the "19 Best Environmentalists" here in south Florida try to disrupt, once again, a major City project. Who do you wonder it was?
Do you know how to whistle?