Monday, May 16, 2016

On public policy and 'Critical Thinking': Would you believe me. . .

Would you believe me If I told you there was a city commissioner in the City of Lake Worth who:
  • Has a PhD in science
  • Gives near-constant warnings about sea level rise
  • Offers reminders on a regular basis about climate change and melting glaciers
  • Is a strong supporter of "Green" technology and "Green" energy
  • Warns of our possible "climate refugee" status
  • Supports "Best Practices" and "Critical Thinking"
  • Claims expert status on "sustainability" and "resiliency"
  • Demands accountability from his fellow elected's on the dais. . .
. . . supported constructing a large public structure east of the Coastal Construction Line and immediately west of a beach on the Atlantic Ocean WITHOUT PILINGS? You wouldn't believe it would you?
That's right. Lake Worth Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, supported constructing the 'new' Casino building without pilings. And to make matters worse the seawall protecting the Casino was never properly inspected. 
So much for 'Critical Thinking' in Lake Worth.