Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Big news about the Briger Forest, errrrrr, Alton Tract in Palm Beach Gardens

What happened in Palm Beach Gardens (PBG) over the last five/ten years or so vis-à-vis the Briger Tract/Forest and development just happened to be a very good thing for the little City of Lake Worth: it kept our good friends here in LDub, the Anarchists of EarthFirst! (EF!), too busy up there to cause even more trouble here in the City. Well, that situation in PBG came to an end when EF! suffered a huge loss.

After that loss the EF!ers started trying to cause more havoc here in LDub. Ryan Hartman, the Anarchist candidate, is just one example and all the 'protests' and hyper-focus on the homeless is another. Expect even more 'actions', 'musicals', and entertaining stunts as the City inches toward the March elections next year.

Anyhow, here is the latest news about the "former Briger tract" in PBG from the Post reporter Sarah Peters titled, "United Technologies’ 300+ new jobs highlights growth in Gardens":

     Palm Beach County is poised for the biggest growth in the central-western communities in the next 20 years, but there’s one part of Palm Beach Gardens that’s seeing lots of new development now.
     It’s the former Briger tract off Donald Ross Road and Interstate 95, where Florida Gov. Rick Scott attended a groundbreaking for the United Technologies Center [emphasis added] for Intelligent Buildings Tuesday morning. It’s also where Kolter Homes built the first neighborhood of the Alton community and about 350 apartments known as Atlantico are approved.
     United Technologies’ project alone accounts for a $115 million capital investment in a building showcasing its products and housing corporate headquarters for its Climate, Controls & Security unit. What’s more, the center will employ at least 450 employees; of those, 380 will be new to Palm Beach County.

And on the subject of EF!, Ryan Hartman, the "former Briger tract", and protests do you remember the famous "battery in the lake"?
Out of the 1,000+ ways to disable a vehicle, the EF!ers chose the worst one for the environment: they threw the battery into a lake.