Sunday, May 8, 2016

Final Notice, Time Running Out: All elected leaders who would like to speak at ROLO's meeting this Tuesday

The Residences (not the "Residents") of Lake Osborne (ROLO), aka the "Hermit Kingdom", will be holding their bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 10th. If you've been misrepresented, maligned, or otherwise disrespected and would like to set the record straight here is what you do:
  • Send an email to
  • ROLO will then hold a meeting to decide if you will be allowed to speak
  • Then you will be contacted by ROLO with their decision, hopefully with a reason if you're denied the opportunity to speak to their membership
Prior to the meeting if you see puffs of smoke, either white or black, that's a sign to check your email inbox to see if you'll be granted permission. This is an example of what to look for*:
To learn more about ROLO use this link. Some information that might be helpful:

Membership: Open to all residents within our borders. NO DUES
Board of Directors:
Katie McGiveron, President 

Robert Waples, Vice President

[and. . .]

Boundaries: The Residences of Lake Osborne (ROLO) Boundaries start at the north side of Lake Osborne on the East side of Detroit Street and the South side of Lake Worth Road, West of I-95 and the east side of Lake Osborne Drive South to Lake Geneva Drive and part of Nanette Court on the East Side of High Ridge Road. Our boundaries Include Lakeside Point and Parkview Villa’s, however does not include the trailer/mobile home areas or Murry Hills. [emphasis added]
Meetings: Our meetings start at 7:00 PM hosted by the Lake Osborne Presbyterian Church located at 2102 6th Avenue South in the education building.

Don't waste any time if you're a City or County Commissioner! There's a lot to be done if you want to speak to the membership of ROLO.

*The reference to smoke signals is, of course, satirical.