Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Alert: Prior to reading the 'news', social media, and blogs about the City's street lighting project. . .

. . . visit the City's website to get the facts.* That way, instead of someone trying to explain, or "spin" what is happening, you can find out for yourself. The City has a free newsletter called Worth Noting that you can sign up for using this link.

To see the latest newsletter titled, "Street Lighting With A New Approach" use this link. Below are a some excerpts:

     "An appropriate street lighting system can increase traffic safety and the sense of wellbeing and security for members of the community. With this in mind, the City of Lake Worth – in conjunction with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office – embarked upon an ambitious program of upgrading all street lights within the City. Gaps in lighting were mapped, dark areas identified, and work has commenced to Light Up Lake Worth."

Some bullet points from the article:
  • LED lights typically use 80–90% less energy than incandescent bulbs
  • Lake Worth is the 1st municipality in the State of Florida to receive approval for 2700k LEDs on FDOT controlled roadways
  • International Dark Skies Association (IDA) compliant
  • Reduced up-light, back-light, and glare
And a few FAQ'S:

How Will the New Lights Affect Safety?
The LED light will help support better detection of crime, as it improves images captured at night from CCTV (closed circuit television).
What are the Installation Impacts for my Neighborhood?
Residents and business owners will experience only minor impacts as a result of this project. There will be no permanent construction sites, as crews will be mobile during the installation phase.
Are the old lights recycled?
Yes. Lights removed during the installation of the new LEDs will be recycled.

*To see the video of the Siemens lighting presentation to the City Commission last night (5/3) use this link and scroll down.