Thursday, April 14, 2016

The news about a Braves Spring Training facility in Belle Glade

The NBC5/WPTV reporter, Tory Dunnan, looks remarkable (see video below) after her long drive to Belle Glade. The city of Belle Glade is a nice place and I stop there often to walk around and stretch my legs. But after you've taken that drive to Belle Glade six or eight times the ride gets a bit boring.

So, if that city does manage to get the Braves to settle there, it might behoove them to come up with more interesting ways to get there from places along the I-95 corridor. Like Park and Ride for example. Park your car and. . .
  • Join a tour bus caravan
  • Make it fun! Fly people out and let them parachute onto the field
  • Helicopter shuttles
  • Have yourself sent by FedEx (is that legal?)
  • Get a special license arrangement with Uber
  • TriRail could add a westward spur
Really, the sky is the limit. Here is the video: