Sunday, April 10, 2016

"That's messed up. I'm spending $60 at this place for lunch and that guy just parked his truck so I can't see the ocean."

It's been well documented how badly the Lake Worth Casino was designed in 2009/2010 vis-à-vis the parking and traffic patterns. With the tourists and Snowbirds packing up and going back home, hopefully soon the conversation will begin on how to fix the failed Casino project once and for all so they'll have a better experience next year.

The issues cited above are in addition to future discussion of possibly restoring features that were Greenwashed out of the project and the looming prospect of a possible default declaration also. Yes, a previous city commission created quite a mess for the current majority, staff, and city manager to fix.

Below is a video put together to demonstrate what many tourists and visitors got to see while having a slice of pizza at Mamma Mia's by the Beach or lunch at Mulligan's Beach House.

So what exactly is the problem? Parking for commercial vehicles, both large and small, wasn't adequately designed into the plan and neither was short-term parking for quick deliveries and pick-ups. So what do these drivers do? The same thing any reasonable person would: they park in front of the Casino complex obstructing the view of visitors and tourists who came to the Casino why? Drum roll please. To look at the ocean, of course.

Enjoy this video of beverage deliveries, limo drivers, city vehicles and more parked in front of our charming Casino building next to the Atlantic Ocean:

Oh, and by the way, there are "No Parking" signs all along the stretch of road. The vehicles are parked in the bike lane. Another 'visionary' gift from a previous city commission.