Wednesday, April 13, 2016

“Hmmm, I’ve heard Lake Worth has a non-profit group that helps neighborhoods. Where can I learn more?”*

You’ve come to the right place! Continue reading about this spectacular neighborhood organization below, which is non-political, non-partisan, with the only goal being to make your neighborhood and the little City of Lake Worth a better place to live:
Visit the NAPC tent at Evening on the Avenues every Friday of the month (learn more on that below).
To read the history, purpose, and accomplishments of the Neighborhood Association Presidents’ Council (NAPC) visit this site. The site also includes a calendar of meetings and contact information. Here is the NAPC Facebook page and an excerpt about the NAPC:
     The City of Lake Worth is unique for many reasons. High on the list is the number of active and involved Neighborhood Associations that share common challenges as well as strategies and projects to address those challenges. Before the NAPC was formed in 2007, each neighborhood worked independently to organize, engage and represent their neighbors. That meant that the same wheel was often re-invented over and over again.
and. . .
     From individual neighborhood clean-ups to city wide efforts like the Little Free Library project, neighborhood street banners, crime walks, neighborhood watch programs and more, Council Members work together to make every corner of Lake Worth a place we can all be proud to call our home.
For more about Evening on the Avenue and other upcoming events, ongoing and new, use this link to the City’s Events page:

As always, if you see anything suspicious going on here is what you do:
*You DO NOT have to be a member or even live in a particular neighborhood to attend any NAPC meeting anywhere in the little City of Lake Worth. Everyone is always welcome!

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