Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Look Back. The Street Painting Festival. An email from March 3rd, 2016:

Hello Maryanne [Webber] and Nadine [Burns]:

Congratulations on your wonderful event this year. I just received a number of 3,550 riders on the shuttle bus service we provided. This is a big increase from last year
s 2,100. You werent kidding about an increase in demand. The train ridership also reflected an increase in passengers making 2/20 #5 in all time Saturday ridership and 2/21 #7 in all time for Sundays.

This was actually my first year attending and it was a whole lot of fun even with the little rain. 

Kudos! Looking forward to hearing about your results.
Victor O. Garcia
Corporate and Community Outreach Manager

South Florida Regional Transportation Authority/Tri-Rail


Anonymous said...

Big KUDOS to Mary Anne and Nadine for another spectacular Lake Worth event. Couldn't stop smiling at all the faces smiling back at me.

So proud of our little city. We really shine and it is all thanks to people who had a vision 22 years ago. The volunteers and neighborhood associations also help to make this one of Florida's best festivals. Don't think they ever expected it to be this successful.

Greg Rice said...

I want to say a special thank you to those that volunteered to be a gracious Lake Worth greeter and welcome ambassador by riding on the shuttles on Saturday and Sunday welcoming visitors those who rode the shuttles to our special city, sharing information about the Street Painting Festival and the city on their ride. Thanks guys!

Jesse Bailey said...

I wonder what the ridership was on Tri-Rail? I think this just measured the shuttle usage. When I took Tri-Rail last year, my wife and I rode our bikes in to the festival. I imagine a lot of people biked or walked from the Tri-Rail station.