Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meet Lake Worth's new Director of the Water Utility, Brian Shields

We got a chance to meet the new Director of Water Utilities, Brian Shields, P.E. He accepted two proclamations issued by the City Commission at the meeting on Tuesday, 3/22. During the video, towards the end, he answers some questions posed by a commissioner about the City's efforts at water conservation.

It's interesting to watch but we can't escape the reality of the nightly releases of drinking water from bleed-valves installed on fire hydrants. These are especially evident in the College Park area of the City at the far reaches of the water system. These releases of water are necessary to draw additional water through the lines to keep chlorine levels at required levels. Then there are the occasional opening of fire hydrants when the automatic devices are not enough. If this wasn't done a boil water notice may be issued.

Replacing the ancient two inch pipes that distribute water is part of the long-term solution to this problem and there are plans in the works to begin addressing this.

You will be comforted to know the City monitors 60 specific locations for lead contamination and the results are monitored by other agencies as well. Mr. Shields, as you'll hear in the video, states Lake Worth does not have lead contamination in its water.