Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What you need to think about at the Lake Worth City Commission tonight (2/2/16) at debate/comment on a new ordinance

Saul Alinsky was a genius and he developed one of the greatest political strategies/tactics in American history. But he made a big mistake and published his Rules for Radicals for everyone to read and study. Eventually, other organizations like a cable TV network whose name begins with the letter "F" and ends with "x" caught on and the rest his history. If Alinsky were alive today he'd wish he burned the Rules after watching an episode on a network hinted at above.

So you're reading this blog and thinking what does this have to do with the little City of Lake Worth? Everything. Take for example the City Commission meeting tonight and the debate about establishing the hours that the Cultural Plaza will be closed and the number of times the word 'curfew' is used and by whom. When you hear the word 'curfew' what do you think?
Ask any teenager and/or someone who recently learned the English language what a 'curfew' is.
Now use this link and scroll down to today's (2/2) agenda to pages 184–186: Resolution No. 06-2016 - establish opening/closing hours for “public property” owned by the City

The word 'ordinance(s)' is used 5 times and the word 'curfew' is used 0 (zero) times. So at the meeting tonight at City Hall pay close attention to who uses the words 'curfew' and 'ordinance'. When some really nice person comes to your door this election season wearing a certain candidates shirt and mentions the word 'curfew'. . .remember what you read in the first three paragraphs.

If you can't (or won't) go to the City's website here is page 184 to read about the ordinance for yourself: